Mirage/Inferno Only

VIP Benefits:

AGENTS You'll get access to all special agents from operation for free (!agents)

EMOTES You'll get access to dance and emotes menu (!dance)

STICKERS You'll get access to all stickers for free (!stickers)

GUNS You can choose any gun for free from a menu at the start of the round

NADES You'll get all grenades for free at the start of the round

UTILITY You'll get Kevlar + Helmet and a Defuse kit at the start of the round

HP You'll get +5HP for killing an enemy (10HP for a headshot)

MONEY You'll get a money bonus for killing an enemy, planting or defusing the bomb

DAMAGE You'll immediately see the damage done after you hit an enemy

NAMETAG You can choose a custom nametag for any of your weapons (in !ws)

VIP TAG VIP Tag will be shown in the front of your nickname in the chat and scoreboard

COLOR Your messages in the chat will be green

SLOT Reserved slot (type connect serverIP to the console when server is full)

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